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The story of Amandeep Singh Bhogal



Former British Diplomat,

Experienced Industrialist,

Fifth Generation Farmer

Leading Conservative social media influencer

Qualified Foundry Engineer


Extensive and proven campaigning experience-

local, regional, national and foreign elections


Married family man with two children

B orn in the land of the five rivers - the Punjab, Amandeep comes from a Sikh family of farmers and carpenters.

Growing up on a south east London council estate, Amandeep went to BETHS Grammar School in Bexley and has been a Conservative Party member ever since the days of fighting Blair-mania in his school’s mock general election of 1997.

Going forward from BETHS Grammar he joined the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and carries with him a strong British Diplomatic ethos of standing up for Britain’s National Interest and is working hard for a greater bi-lateral ‘New-Old’ Special relationship between the United Kingdom and the Union of India, founded on more than just trade alone, one built on unrivalled joint defence, governmental and cultural co-operation.


Having experienced a wide spectrum of cultures and life in nations across the world, Amandeep strongly believes in and promotes a ‘LookEast’ beyond the EU foreign policy.


"Seeing that we share so many common things - the English language, common law, democracy, the history and present day people to people contacts. The Commonwealth is our existing, ready-made and strong club of friendly nations that no other similar grouping can ever hope to compete with. We should leverage our this unique standing in the World."


After leaving the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Amandeep first trained as an apprentice foundry moulder - going on to work as a qualified foundry melter. Having led the modernisation of the RSB foundry in the Punjab, he is passionate about the use of engineering and technology to enable new industries, job creation and sustainable economic growth. Amandeep strongly believes in competition and the freedom to achieve, prosper and get on in life.


Belonging to a family with a long history of farming and agriculture, Amandeep is a keen agriculturist with a ​deep interest in mass organic farming of wheat, corn and sugar cane he wants to see global subsidy-free food security for all.​


Married to Pari, they have two children - daughter - Sukhmani and son - Arjun.


As a father, a farmer and an experienced engineer and industrialist he stands up vehemently for strong families, the free market
and empowering the individual to create wealth.


Amandeep is a super-charged conservative voice for ‘minimum government - maximum governance’, ‘red carpet not red tape’ and a free world of nation states competing, trading and thriving freely.

Amandeep Singh Bhogal

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